About NetOp



About netop

NetOp is a one-man company operating with the
development of ringing equipment.
I develop and sell light weight equipment for ringers
specially designed for easy transport and handling.
NetOp carry out special ringing jobs for Danish and foreign
universities and other scientific institutions and offers guided
NetOp offers to show schools and groups how ringing is done
during the winter season.
Why NetOp?

NetOp sells tested equipment which is characterized by low
weight and high durability.
NetOp has developed and taken patent on super leight weight
aluminium poles for mist nets, which are both quickly raised
and packed and easy to transport and store with an minimum
of wear on the mist-nets during transport and handling.
The company is based in Denmark but also operates outside
the country.
NetOp can offer to bring and set up equipment for ringing on
any location.
NetOp aims by its guided tours and intermediation to schools
etc., to promote an understanding of nature, by explaining the
importance of bird ringing and how the results makes us
understand the bird migration routes.

About me.
I was born in 1958. In my teens, I was a ringing assistant and
in recent years I have been able to resume my passion for
ringing. I have met many nice ringers, who have taught me
about different methods to catch the birds. I have spent much
time ringing of birds from mist-nets in many localities,
mostly in Northwest Denmark. In this area we have many
different habitats where there is significant need for
flexibility in the choice of nets and gear. I see new
opportunities in the development and improvement of bird
catching equipment that can be used when ringing birds. If
you need to develop equipment for specific species or tasks
I’m happy to cooperate.